Friday, November 20, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091121.1

Success! After perusing the proverbial marketplace, the landing crew of the Starship Coco-Muff was able to recruit a (somewhat) worthy ho for its most beloved piece of man-flesh.

The Barbie Ho could not contain her excitement upon being selected as an elite member of Spock's harem, and although our first mate deigned to allow her to lavish attention, we suspect his logic was displeased with the affair. Nevertheless, the Barbie Ho has long forgotten her former pimp, Ken, and pledged supreme loyalty to the Coco-Muff and its crew.

It should be noted that Spock positively rocks a nice pair of shades.

Details on the mission to the Valley of the Sun will be posted at a later date. For now, dear readers, live long and prosper.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff

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