Thursday, December 10, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091210.1

Exploration of the Starship led to a discovery of Captain Bradford and Lt. Turley on a quest to retriever Lt. Pendragon from a solo mission. Naturally, Spock and Spock accompanied them.

It is only logical to feel jealousy for our captain and lieutenant. Our first mates our highly prized commodities.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff

Captain's Log, Stardate 091210

The crew of the Coco-Muff took a detour and sent a landing crew to the surface of Bannerpole IX after a snowstorm took the ship by surprise.

Spock and Spock explored the terrain extensively, immediately discovering an intelligent life-form comprised entirely of snow. She took an immediate liking to our beloved first mates. They indulged her a photograph, which she promised to cherish until the day she melted.

Lt. Lily Pendragon was sadly overcome with distress when the harsh climate worsened. Fortunately, however, Spock and Spock were able to revive her with ease and she spent the rest of the mission in good health.

After coming across strange ruins, our studly crew mates determined that life one prevailed on Bannerpole IX, but some unforseen catastrophe (perhaps a severe blizzard?) destroyed much of the world. Nevertheless, we were able to report back to Starfleet with high spirits over the discoveries.

Live long and prosper, readers.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091122

The landing crew of the Starship Coco-Muff has completed its task in the Valley of the Sun on Planet Phoenix II with stunning enthusiasm (and fun).

Lt. Lily Pendragon, yeoman Danielle Lovell, and myself attended a showing of The Phantom of the Opera with the purpose of ensuring that the play went without mishap.

Spock sat guard in the near-back. We believe that his very presence added to the show, and because of it, the performance went smoothly.

The show deeply touched all human members of the crew, but Spock did not comment on the illogic of our tears, as he understood the sheer, epic power we felt as a collective audience.

I remain, gentlemen, your obedient servant.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff

Friday, November 20, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091121.1

Success! After perusing the proverbial marketplace, the landing crew of the Starship Coco-Muff was able to recruit a (somewhat) worthy ho for its most beloved piece of man-flesh.

The Barbie Ho could not contain her excitement upon being selected as an elite member of Spock's harem, and although our first mate deigned to allow her to lavish attention, we suspect his logic was displeased with the affair. Nevertheless, the Barbie Ho has long forgotten her former pimp, Ken, and pledged supreme loyalty to the Coco-Muff and its crew.

It should be noted that Spock positively rocks a nice pair of shades.

Details on the mission to the Valley of the Sun will be posted at a later date. For now, dear readers, live long and prosper.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff

Captain's Log, Stardate 091121

It is a known fact that Spock's former captain, James T. Kirk, was popular with the ladies. It is also a known fact that Spock is far studlier than the human Kirk has ever been. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Spock's presence aboard the Coco-Muff has resulted in the acquisition of new yeomen, or, rather, yeo-women.

Spock's harem began with the Fairy. She kindly allowed one Spock to don her costume over the All Hallow's festivities while she chose the apparel of a firefighter. (The other, as seen to the left, preferred the very studly dress of an officer of the law.)

However, since the Fairy Ho is but one and the Coco-Muff proudly sports two (very sexy) Spocks, we as the crew thought it best to seek out new hos for our beloved first mate.

Spock thought this plan very logical indeed.

It is hoped that our present mission to the Valley of the Sun will allow time enough to uncover a new ho.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091110

Spock sat for a painting. The artist had the fortuitous ability to capture his rippling pectorals, and all manner of his splendor.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091104.2

Following a thorough inspection of Hicktown I and determining that the planet was safe for the time, Spock, Spock and the rest of the landing crew made their way back to the Starship Coco-Muff by way of discovering wigwams and much nonsense therein. Further investigation proved that, although quite fascinating, the wigwams presented no threat to the galaxy. Spock and Spock allowed them to remain standing.

It should be noted that both Spock and Spock are most excellent drivers.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff

Captain's Log, Stardate 091104.1

Spock and Spock enjoyed the relaxation of the afternoon.

Captain's Log, Stardate 091104

What began as a misfortune when Spock was left in the Valley of the Sun ended as merriment when he was not only returned to us, but brought his no-longer-evil twin. (Fortunately, said twin had shaved before accompanying his brother to our merry Starship.)

Blessed with the presence of Spock and Spock, the crew of the Starship Coco-Muff prepared for a new journey to Hicktown I.

Before beaming down a team to the planet, we took the opportunity to relax and partake in the beauty of Holy Grounds bereft of Klingons and their shenanigans.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091031

After his prolonged stay in the Valley of the Sun on Phoenix II, Spock was returned to us by my faithful kin. Promptly thereafter, we were whisked away on another journey (quest, thing). Or mission: to experience the Grand Canyon, ensure its well being, and make sure no one fell off the edge. Overall, our mission was a success. We experienced the wild nature and the intrinsic beauty through the eyes of a Hermit and a Powell. Spock located, and became dear friends with with, a man of hard understanding and dazzling intellect, not unlike Spock himself. Theirs was a fast friendship, but it could not last. When our mission was complete, there was nothing left to do but return home and wait for the next great adventure.

Align Center

We have boldly gone where no man has gone before.

Lieutenant Turley of the Starship Coco-Muff

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091003

An amazing photo of our delightfully good-looking first mate. He doesn't try to be spectacular...he just is.

Captain Eleanor Bradford of the Starship Coco-Muff

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091001

Lieutenant Turley has returned from her mission to the Phoenix solar system, bringing Spock home from yet another adventure. We asked Spock to tell us about his weekend, but he had no response other than a lifted eyebrow, and a simple, "Fascinating." Lt. Turley's mission was to see her cousin safely wed to her fiance, and judging by the pictures she took to document her experience, we've gathered that Spock played a significant role in the completion of this most important mission. In fact, we're positive that without his logical influence, the wedding would have been interrupted by Klingons, or some other such nonsense.

Captain Eleanor Bradford of the Starship Coco-Muff