Saturday, October 31, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091031

After his prolonged stay in the Valley of the Sun on Phoenix II, Spock was returned to us by my faithful kin. Promptly thereafter, we were whisked away on another journey (quest, thing). Or mission: to experience the Grand Canyon, ensure its well being, and make sure no one fell off the edge. Overall, our mission was a success. We experienced the wild nature and the intrinsic beauty through the eyes of a Hermit and a Powell. Spock located, and became dear friends with with, a man of hard understanding and dazzling intellect, not unlike Spock himself. Theirs was a fast friendship, but it could not last. When our mission was complete, there was nothing left to do but return home and wait for the next great adventure.

Align Center

We have boldly gone where no man has gone before.

Lieutenant Turley of the Starship Coco-Muff

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091003

An amazing photo of our delightfully good-looking first mate. He doesn't try to be spectacular...he just is.

Captain Eleanor Bradford of the Starship Coco-Muff

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091001

Lieutenant Turley has returned from her mission to the Phoenix solar system, bringing Spock home from yet another adventure. We asked Spock to tell us about his weekend, but he had no response other than a lifted eyebrow, and a simple, "Fascinating." Lt. Turley's mission was to see her cousin safely wed to her fiance, and judging by the pictures she took to document her experience, we've gathered that Spock played a significant role in the completion of this most important mission. In fact, we're positive that without his logical influence, the wedding would have been interrupted by Klingons, or some other such nonsense.

Captain Eleanor Bradford of the Starship Coco-Muff