Thursday, December 10, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 091210.1

Exploration of the Starship led to a discovery of Captain Bradford and Lt. Turley on a quest to retriever Lt. Pendragon from a solo mission. Naturally, Spock and Spock accompanied them.

It is only logical to feel jealousy for our captain and lieutenant. Our first mates our highly prized commodities.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff

Captain's Log, Stardate 091210

The crew of the Coco-Muff took a detour and sent a landing crew to the surface of Bannerpole IX after a snowstorm took the ship by surprise.

Spock and Spock explored the terrain extensively, immediately discovering an intelligent life-form comprised entirely of snow. She took an immediate liking to our beloved first mates. They indulged her a photograph, which she promised to cherish until the day she melted.

Lt. Lily Pendragon was sadly overcome with distress when the harsh climate worsened. Fortunately, however, Spock and Spock were able to revive her with ease and she spent the rest of the mission in good health.

After coming across strange ruins, our studly crew mates determined that life one prevailed on Bannerpole IX, but some unforseen catastrophe (perhaps a severe blizzard?) destroyed much of the world. Nevertheless, we were able to report back to Starfleet with high spirits over the discoveries.

Live long and prosper, readers.

Captain Brigitte Lovell of the Starship Coco-Muff